Amazing Nail Mail!

In a Facebook group i'm in we decided to exchange spring packages. The main theme was Butterflies.
So here is the AWESOME package I received from Liz from Nothing But Nail Polish:
Just look at that!!!

So many goodies

Making sure you've seen it all
So what's in the box: First of all is the card. A beautiful butterflies card! You should know that I save every  card I receive. I have been saving cards since my 12th birthday and there's nothing more fun then looking at those cards every now and then and remember the happy occasions in which I received each card.

Then there's some yummy chocolate: Ice cream flavored Jelly Belly, M&Ms, extra sour gum (and I can tell you  - it is indeed extra sour :-S  LOL ) and.... REESE'S which is my favorite chocolate and is a HTF here!

Next is this gorgeous butterfly clip. I just love it! I will keep it at my office desk and use it to hold my documents! Its adding so much color, and my favorite one too! (I have a strong fetish for anything orange LOL)

Ok, next is the glitter. Two types of those. The Wet n Wild Mega Sparkle confetti Pink Sugar and White Icing. 

And then there is the 8 mini bottles of various mini bids for kaviar nails and glitter in different shapes
I can't wait to use these!!!

Then there's this cute make up purse (with a pattern that I absolutely love! I will have to do it on my nails one of these days!), toe spacers by Sally Hansen and a banana split flavored lip balm!
I'm sorry the lip balm looks a bit messy, I just HAD to try it! It actually tastes like a banana split and I keep licking my lips LOL It's SUPER great!!!

And saving the best for last, now I come to the main event: the polishes! Have a look at these beauties:
From left to right: Sinful Colors - Nirvana, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Black tie, Essie Luxeffects - A cut above, Elf - Mint cream, Orly - Emberstone and Hard Candy - Matte-ly in love.
And I am in love with all of these already...



Kari said...

Awesome package! I save all of my cards, too! :)

LuvMyLacquer said...

Seriously awesome package! Can't wait to see what you do with all your pretty polishes! =)

M. Fourey said...

Wow this is an awesome package indeed ^^ You girls are really supportive to one another! That's super cool :)

I have a box in which I keep my cards too, and pictures, and cinema tickets, plane tickets and so on... It's like jumping into the past, I HATE to forget about good things.

Paulina said...

What an awesome nail mail. I save all my cards too.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Nice nail mail! :D

Wow I totally save all the cards I receive too! I go back and look at them every once in a while. It's nice to remember. :D

~ Yun

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