Minty nails

Hello my dearest readers! how are you today?
I really do try to post as often as I change my polish, which is usually every other day, but unfortunately I don't always find the time to do that. So please excuse my inconsistency in posting :-(

Anyway, since I showed you the super amazing package I got from sweet Liz the other day, I need to show you now how I put my new polishes to use! And today I will show you the first one I tried, which is Elf - mint Cream. This is my first Elf polish ever, and I just love it!
Taken with flash indoors
It is a yummy minty creamy polish, that needs 2 coats for full opacity, although I used 3 coats to cover my bad application on some of my fingers LOL. It has a lovely shine of its own. There's no top coat in the picture!
After wearing it for a day I decided to vary it a little. I started with mattifying it using my new Hard candy - Matte-ly  in love, also from Liz's package.
Natural light, outdoors

But even though I love matte polishes I thought this was boring so I layered some Lush Lacquer's Salt n Peppa over it to have it a little spiced up. I love the result!
Salt n' Peppa is really stuffed with lots and lots of goodies! It has tons of black and white glitter of all shapes, and it has a huge amount of iridescent glitter that comes up in every brush stroke!
Natural light, in the shade
What you see in these pictures is ONE COAT of Salt n Peppa! Only my ring finger has two coats, and that's only because I managed to smear it over my desk and I had to fix my booboo. 
A combination of natural light and a flash
 Just look at all these yummy glitters!!

A combination of natural light and a flash
The inevitable bottle porn

I love this combo! Well, with all the iridescent glitter, you can't see my nails were mattified before, but I don't care. I love it the way it turned out!   What do you think?

You can find Lush Lacquer here:, they are AWESOME! and - of course - they ship internationally!


Criminal Nails said...

That mint green is ab fab :) Somehow reminds me of Mint Candy Apple... And it goes really well with all that glitter! I can't get used to glitter bars though...

Andrea said...

I like the actual glitter in the Salt & Pepper! I might have to add some sparkle to my Sticks & Stones! That mint green is awesome too. I have several minty colors, but I like the touch of blue that is in this one! :)

Paulina said...

I like this mint color. I like how you added the Sticks and Stones and Salt and Pepper.

ahhhdri said...

This whole manicure is a whole lot of awesome, especially with Salt and Pepper!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I love the combination! So fun! :-)

~ Yun

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