And the winners are....

This Giveaway was really wonderful and I would like to THANK each and every one of you beautiful people who played along! The amount of cheaters was lower then ever and this made me so happy!
A very special THANK YOU I would like to send to all the ladies who made their gorgeous manis and posted to my FB page, and an even BIGGER THANK YOU to all those who actually read my giveaway post all the way through. I have to admit those were very very few - but they actually exist ;-)
I so much wish I could give each and every one of you a prize. But sadly, I cannot. So -  Are you one of the winners?

On the rafflecopter below you can see the names that were picked up by Random.Org, in the order they were picked up at. And so the prizes will be as follows:
The original prizes:
First winner gets the entire Nabi 3D effect - 24 holographic polishes.
Second winner gets China Glaze Hologlam - 12 holographic polishes.
Third winner receives the L.A.Girl 3D effect polishes - 8 holographic polishes.
Fourth winner received the Gumdrops by Julie G - 6 shimmering textured polishes.
Fifth winner receives the Mood Swings - 5 thermal color changing polishes by humble me.

Also, because I got so many new followers and crossed the 1,000 followers, I decided to add a couple more prizes. So they will be given to the following - also chosen by Random.Org: 

Sixth winner will receive the L.A.Girl 3D effect polishes - 8 holographic polishes.
Seventh winner will receive Perfect Holographic Nail Polish - 8 mini bottles of holographic polish.
Eighth winner will receive he Mood Swings - 5 thermal color changing polishes by me...

And there is one more special winner - Bénédicte - I'm A Nail Art Addicte - who totally made me cry with this nail art and post of hers. I still don't know what I will get you as a prize, but your mani and post so totally, completely touched me in a way that I cannot even explain ♥ Thank you so much! 

Once again - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I   ♥  You all, and I hope you will keep following me on.


Angela said...

Congrats to all the winners! :<)

Yayoi Deathstrike said...

Big congrats to all the winners!
I never win but it's always fun to participate :D

M. Fourey said...

Congrats ^^

Unknown said...

Yay, I am honored to have won one of the prizes from one of the best bloggers out there! Thanks so much, Jin!

Toxic Vanity said...

Congrats to all ♥

Unknown said...

Awww I'm the one crying right now!!! ♥ I'm so touched and happy you loved my mani!! ♥ ♥ ♥
I don't need a prize ;)
You know, I searched for days, weeks even, for a mani to show you how much I love you!
I completely forgot about the giveaway, I just wanted to create a nail art inspired by you.
I did my Index, 6 times (yep, lol) before the one you can see on my pics, but I was determined to write love in Hebrew!!! The result isn't quite as good as I wanted it to be but my computer says I took the pics at 23:53... so I now I know why I was tired and didn't try one more time, lol!
I'm really grateful to have a friend like you ♥ Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Raggio di Luna said...

Bénédicte, you did a great manicure inspired by a beautiful person! Great job! :-)

Raggio di Luna said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! :-)

Unknown said...

Dearest Jin, thank you so much.

I am absolutely over the moon to be a winner. I've been entering mani rafflecopters for around 2 years and this is my very first prize.

What a thrill to get a 'You Have Won' email and then see my name in the list on the giveaway post. The excitement is overwhelming. I love your manicures and your blog. Carry on with the good work and thanks once again. <3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

♥ ♥ ♥

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you're this happy! It makes everything so much more fun!!! ♥

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