My monstrous Alter Ego

The polish that I want to show you today is extremely delicate and beautiful! But as some sort of antithesis to its delicacy, I decided to make some monstrous nail art with it. I thought it was just more fun this way.
Alter Ego Lights The Menorah

This mani started with Alter Ego's polish Lights The Menorah, a beautiful medium blue with silver holographic micro shimmer. It is a very pretty and rich polish. It is not completely opaque. Well, it is not translucent either. There's no visible nail line but something in it makes it look "airy" if that makes sense, and not very sealed. What you see below are 3 thin coats, very easy to apply, very smooth and flowing. You'd better make sure each coat is completely dry before you apply another, because the pigments look much better when they are dry and settled on the nail. Don't worry though, it's not a long process. Each coat dries real quick. Just give it one extra minute then any other polish and you're good! 
Alter Ego Lights The Menorah
The other polishes I used for the nail art are Zoya Liberty (Summer Pixie Dust) and Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black, Crisp White and Blue J
Alter Ego Lights The Menorah

Alter Ego Lights The Menorah

Alter Ego Lights The Menorah
Usually my right hand is painted differently then my left. But it does have something in common with it. Either the same pattern or the same accent on a different background. For this mani I decided to use the same monstrous idea on a different base. I used another Alter Ego polish that I will show you separately on a different day. It is called Girly Girl and it's an adorable pink with pink and blue shimmer base. The other polishes I used are Zoya Miranda (Alter Ego Lights The Menorah), Orly Instant Artist in Jet BlackCrisp White and Grape Purple.
Alter Ego Girly Girl

Alter Ego Girly Girl
I really liked this mani and I had it on much longer then the usual. In fact, it almost held a whole week! This definitely is a record time for me. 
You can find these gorgeous Alter Ego polishes, as well as other awesome colors in Alter Ego's new Etsy Store. Make sure you follow her on Facebook to get all the most recent updates and information on new shades and restock times. 


Criminal Nails said...

Hahaha this manicure is the cutest ever! I love it! A mood up-lifter, so happy! And I love the idea of havin a male and a female monster couple! ^^ It's just adorable!

Aleta Colucci said...

Aww! So cute!

Raggio di Luna said...

Lights the Menorah is amazingly beautiful! :-) I love this manicure, it's cool! :-) Great idea to have a male and a female monster manicure! :-)

Steamy Nails said...

Omg, this is adorable! <333 The pink monsters are so cute :D

cynthia decker said...

Thank you for your delightful & fun mani! You make artwork look so easy & it is quite the compliment that Alter Ego makes a good base for your tremendous talent! I very much appreciate your heartfelt review <3

Lisa N. said...

These are so awesome and cute! Great job :)

Scottish Lass said...

Totally adorable!

Kas said...

These are so cute!

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