Dupe Alert - Zoya vs. Sinful Colors

I usually really like Zoya polishes. There is something very delicate and elegant about them and I really love the huge variety of shades they have for every color. However, this summer they had at least one collection that I don't think I need. Let me show you Zoya's Stunning collection vs. some possible dupes.
Zoya Stunning Collection Sinful Shine
Ltr front row: Darcy, Thandie, Rocky, Josie. Back row: Sinful Shine Bananappeal, Mardi Gras, At Sea, In The Limelight.
Zoya Stunning collection is made of 6 polishes. The 4 that you see above: Darcy, Thandie, Rocky and Josie, and two more that are not in the picture - Yana and Micky. I am not crazy for pinks so I skipped those. But I will mention them later!

So let's begin with the yellow: Zoya Darcy compared to Sinful Shine Bananappeal.
Sinful Shine Bananappeal Zoya Darcy

Sinful Shine Bananappeal Zoya Darcy

Sinful Shine Bananappeal Zoya Darcy
Do you want to take a bet which is which? Just to be completely fair, I'll say that there is some difference between these. But to be honest, I cannot see it. My Middle and Pinky nails wear Zoya Darcy and my Index and Ring wear Sinful Shine Bananappeal. Can you tell any difference? 
Top picture (among the two swatches) is with artificial light and bottom picture is with natural light in direct sun. As for the formula - there is no noticeable different either. Both are extremely streaky in the first coat (like any other yellow I suppose). Both level themselves pretty much on the second coat and both need a third coat to get this smooth and shiny finish. There is no top coat on any of them and drying time is also pretty much the same. 

Next in line is Thandie vs. Mardi Gras, my favorites in the group. I can't help it. I have a thing for orange...
Sinful Shine Mardi Gras Zoya Thandie

Sinful Shine Mardi Gras Zoya Thandie

Sinful Shine Mardi Gras Zoya Thandie
Between these two there actually is a visible difference, but this is the only one. Index and Ring are Sinful Shine Mardi Gras, Middle and Pinky are Zoya Thandie. As you can see, Thandie is tad darker and maybe more saturated while Sinful Mardi Gras has a milkier tone to it. Are they different enough to justify having both? Every one to their preferences. Personally - I am not sure. Again formula, finish and drying time is the same. Both needed 2 coats for full opacity and both pictures are under a combination of natural and artificial light. 

Zoya Rocky vs. Sinful Shine At Sea.
Zoya Rocky  Sinful Shine At Sea

Zoya Rocky  Sinful Shine At Sea

Zoya Rocky  Sinful Shine At Sea
As you can see, there is a very very very small difference. Again it seems like Zoya is slightly more saturated and Sinful Shine has a milky tone to it. But the difference here is so small and almost un-seen. Definitely not a difference that can justify keeping both. As before - Index and Ring are Sinful Shine, Middle and Pinky are Zoya.  Two coats on both. There is also a very slight difference in the formula: Zoya is a bit thicker then Sinful Shine. But I don't thin it's anything permanent. Any thinner can fix it in a drop.

Last for you to see is Zoya Josie vs. Sinful Shine In The Limelight.
Zoya Josie Sinful Shine In The Limelight

Zoya Josie Sinful Shine In The Limelight

Zoya Josie Sinful Shine In The Limelight
As usual Index and Ring are Sinful Shine, Middle and Pinky are Zoya. Again I could mention the saturation vs. milky look as a difference, although in this color they are exactly the opposite: Zoya seem to be slight milkier while Sinful is the saturated one. But again - I don't see a difference large enough to justify keeping both. Unless of course you're a true addicted... Formula, finish, drying time and 2 coats are the same in both.

I promised to mention the other two polishes missing from this collection. So while I cannot show you pictures and I am sorry for it, I did notice in many swatches that I have seen on line, that Zoya Yana and Sinful Shine Royal Flush are probably dupes, and Zoya Micky and Sinful Shine VIP are also probably dupes.

The only really big difference between these two collections is... the price. While one bottle of Zoya polish costs $9, a bottle of Sinful Shine usually sells for less then $2. Now each and every one can do their own calculations. Just a hint though - Sinful Shine has a lot more colors in their collection then the 6 we mentioned above ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely evening and see you again tomorrow!


Unknown said...

But Zoya is cruelty free!

Unknown said...

I can barely see a difference, only in the The difference is more visible in the Thandie vs. Mardi Gras. One is more like creamier? But the still love really good.

M. Fourey said...

Aghhhhhh! How is this possible!? Whoah, I hand't seen such close dupes since... forever! Thank you for pointing it out, you! Hugs!

Kim said...

thanks for the info ♥ and great swatches!!

Ashley said...

Wow, super close on all but the corals! Guess I know some of the Sinfuls that I no longer need! Great post!

Unknown said...

Awesome post! Being a Zoya junkie I'll probably go with the Zoya's, that and we don't have the sinful shines here at the moment anyways. Thanks for posting these, you rock!

Victoria said...

Thanks for this post, but I do want to point out that Zoya polishes are $8 (except the PixieDust which are $9) & the SinfulShine polishes are $2.99. Yes, it's still a big price difference. Since I have all the Zoya Stunning polishes I know I don't "need" the SinfulShine polishes.

Unknown said...

Perfect comparison post! Thanks for the swatches.

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

wow, the color is very pretty, thank you for making this post.


Raggio di Luna said...

Awesome post, beautiful swatches! I love Zoya Rocky / Sinful Shine At Sea! :-)

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