Kiko Sun Pearl - nº 427 - Amable Chartreuse

If you follow me a while, you'd know I totally love those weird, in-between colors. So there's no surprise I completely fell in love with this beautiful "baby poop" colored polish by Kiko Amable Chartreuse nº 427.
Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427
Amable Chartreuse, or as it is better known - Kiko number 427, is a unique yellow-green thick creme completely stuffed with golden shimmer flakes. It is from the Sun Pearl collection, a collection of basic colors (red, green, blue and this color)  all very pigmented and very shimmery. This polish can be a one coater, especially if you have shorter nails. All pics show two coats but you can see how very opaque and even heavy this looks. The pictures of the polish alone (don't miss the close-up!) are truer to color. The pictures with the stamping feel a little too yellow to me. And I'm sorry for smearing in the stamping too. I guess I was just being sloppy. However, an important note - the red polish that I used for the stamping is the red polish of this collection - Chili Pepper Red nº430. Another reference to this great opacity.
Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427
Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427

Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427

Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427

Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427

Kiko - Amable Chartreuse nº 427
Kiko polishes are usually available in Europe but I got mine from sweet Mati of Criminal Nails. Thanks so much Mati!!
Well? what do you think? Do you like this "baby-poop" color? ;)


Criminal Nails said...

I looooooooooove this baby poop color :D and more so the new name you got for it! It looks lovely on you ^^

Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

LOL, "baby poop" :) I actually kindof like it! I think I'm branching out a bit. I like the shimmer in it, I think it makes it more tolerable ;)

Raggio di Luna said...

It looks really nice and the stamping is perfect! :-) I have to visit my local Kiko store and take a look at the Sun Pearl collection :-)

Jennifer Tesauro said...

This Kiko is GORGEOUS!!

Aleta Colucci said...

What a gorgeous color! Love that gold flecking!

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