33 Days Challenge - Day 6: Texture

For today's 33DC entry I decided to create a monochromatic mani. At first I wanted it to be black or gray, but I realized I didn't have enough different textured material for that. So I went with pink instead. Pretty close, isn't it? LOL
Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined

So I started with Zoya Sweet, 2 coats of a glossy, pale pink. Then I applied some tape strings to create the triangles, and I "painted" each triangle separately with a heavy coat of Seche Vite Top coat - and it's texture: first - the fuzzy fur-nails particles, then some "Kaviar" beads and the tips are painted with China Glaze Unrefine, from their textured polishes collection.  Then I just removed the tape - and Voila! The most textured mani I could come up with. Highly un-practical actually, and I managed to keep it on for less then 12 hours, but I needed a textured mani, right?
Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined

Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined

Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined

Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined

Zoya Sweet China Glaze Unrefined


Unknown said...

This is stunning! great job (:

Gosia said...

Hmmm... I gotta say, neither the fuzzier or the beads strike my fancy... But I love the color!! :)

M. Fourey said...

You took texture to the next level with those :p

she.is.the.one said...

so cute :)

Raggio di Luna said...

OMG, it looks crazy good! :-) Did you feel the need to touch your nails all the day long? I think I would be obsessed, I'd touch a little bit of rough, then a little bit of fuzzy, a little bit of pearls... :-)

IsaBella said...

Three pattern. :D Very nice idea! I like it! :D

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